How do you face difficulties, trials and fears in life? We all have had hard times and the waves will come throughout our lives. But is it possible to stand strong? Is it possible to face the unknown and be brave at the same time?

I had a life changing experience as I chose to have my fourth child completely natural after having all of my other three by c-section. This was not something that is usually recommended by the medical community, nor understood or supported by others. But I knew it was best for me and my baby.

The experience allowed me to choose to trust the Lord in new ways and to trust Him completely.

And through this, I was able to break free from being a person of constant worry and fear to a person would could walk confidently in faith. I chose to trust God and depend on Him.

I look forward to sharing more of my story with you, helpful VBAC info, and a lot of material on choosing faith over fear.

I believe as we all will face the hard times, and even in the easier times we can be brave. We can trust God and come out stronger in the end.

I pray you will be blessed and encouraged here. Thanks for reading!